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Jeffery Ladd Timms

Department: Redwood City

Deceased: December 02, 2017

Jeffery Ladd Timms Jeffery Ladd Timms sought out the fire service as a career that would allow him to serve his community and be part of a team. In 1984, he joined the Redwood City Fire Department, where he would serve his entire 30-year career. Jeffery took on many responsibilities within the department: he started a bicycle-based EMT program to provide aid during large community celebrations, he was a part of the department’s original Neighborhood Emergency Response Team and he was the department liaison to the Alicia Ann Rausch Burn Foundation for kids. Outside of the fire service, Jeffery was a certified pilot and flight instructor. Jeffery succumbed to the effects of job-related cancer last December and is survived by his wife, Lisa, his mother, Bobbi, and his siblings.

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