How to Help

Ways to Give

Donate Online

The simplest way to donate to California Fire Foundation is through our website. You can donate here today.

Donate by check 

If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to California Fire Foundation and mail to: 

California Fire Foundation, 1780 Creekside Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833 

Donate in Honor of Someone

Make a donation in honor or memory of someone and we'll send them a note acknowledging the gift. Click here to donate in honor of someone. 

Donate Stock 

To make a charitable gift through a stock donation please click here for additional information and instructions.  

CA State Tax-Check Off 

California law allows taxpayers to contribute money to one or multiple funds by checking a box on their state income tax return. Contributions must be deducted from a person’s tax refund or added to the amount owed. Donations made through the tax checkoff may be claimed on a charitable contribution on your returns the following year. 

How to contribute: 

When completing your State Tax Form 540, look for the California Firefighters’ Memorial fund on line 406 under Voluntary Contributions. 

Indicate an amount, in $1 increments, that you’d like to contribute. That amount will either be deducted from your refund or you will add it to the amount you owe when making your payment. 

When you file the following year, you will be able to count your contribution among those allowable for charitable causes. 

If someone else prepares your income tax returns, remember to tell them that you want to donate to the California Firefighters’ Memorial Fund on line 406! 

Additional Information: 

  • The California Firefighters’ Memorial Fund checkoff first appeared on the 1993 California tax return. 
  • To view the Franchise Tax Board chart of donations made to the California Firefighters’ Memorial Fund, click here. 
  • Funds received through the tax checkoff are used for the maintenance and site repair of the California Firefighters’ Memorial as well as the Annual California Firefighters’ Memorial Ceremonies, a family resource guide and survivor assistance.