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Sandra Kiefert-Johanns

Rank: Engineer

Department: Fresno

Deceased: July 27, 2018

Sandra Kiefert-Johanns Sandi Kiefert-Johanns had her eye on a firefighting career from an early age. She served as an EMT and paramedic shortly after high school. Sandi then joined the Sanger Fire Department, becoming that agency’s first female firefighter. She moved to the North Central Fire Department before becoming an engineer for Fresno Fire, where she worked for 16 years. She was an avid crafter and scrapbooker and also loved sailing with her father. In July of 2018, Sandi succumbed to job-related cancer.

On the Memorial

Located in Sacramento, the California Firefighters Memorial immortalizes the names of those lost in the line of duty. Learn more »

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