LODD: Murrieta Firefighter-Paramedic Dean Hale

Murrieta Firefighters Association Local 3540 and the Murrieta Fire and Rescue Department are saddened to announce the loss of one of their own in the line of duty.

Murrieta Firefighter-Paramedic Dean Hale passed away on November 22, 2019 after a courageous battle with job-related cancer.

Brother Hale began his fire service career with the City of Alhambra, with whom he served for 17 years. He joined Murrieta Fire and Rescue in 2007, and served as an active member for 12 years.

Brother Hale served six years as president of Murrieta Firefighters Association Local 3540 before retiring from the post earlier this year. Brother Hale continued to fight on behalf of his members even as he continued his own fight.

“There isn’t a word or phrase that can accurately describe Dean’s contribution to our community,” said former Murrieta City Councilman Alan Long.

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Memorial Information

Information on memorial services is pending. Please check back to this page for information as it becomes available.